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Cujo in Tad's Closet by Gnawsink
Cujo in Tad's Closet
Cujo - by Stephen King

Resigned, Tad nodded.  Went back to bed.  Was tucked in.  Accepted kisses.

And as his mother and father went back to the door the fear settled on him again like a cold coat full of mist.  Like a
shroud stinking of hopeless death.  Oh please, he thought, but there was no more, just that: Oh please oh please oh please.

Perhaps his father caught his thought, because Vic turned back, one hand on the light switch, and repeated: "No monsters,

"No, Daddy," Tad said, because in that instant his father's eyes seemed shadowed and far, as if he needed to be convinced.
"No monsters." Except for the one in my closet. 

The light snapped off.

"Good night, Tad." His mother's voice trailed back to him lightly, softly, and in his mind he cried out, Be careful, Mommy,
they eat the ladies!  In all the movies they catch the ladies and carry them off and eat them!  Oh please oh please oh please --

But they were gone.

So Tad Trenton, four years old, lay in his bed, all wires and stiff Erector Set braces.  He lay with the covers pulled up to
his chin and one arm crushing Teddy against his chest, and there was Luke Skywalker on one wall; there was a chipmunk
standing on a blender on another wall, grinning cheerily (IF LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS, MAKE LEMONADE! the
cheeky, grinning chipmunk was saying); there was the whole motley Sesame Street crew on a third: Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Grover.  Good totems; good magic.  But oh the wind outside, screaming over the roof and skating down black gutters!
He would sleep no more this night.

But little by little the wires unsnarled themselves and stiff Erector Set muscles relaxed.  His mind began to drift....
And then a new screaming, this one closer than the nightwind outside, brought him back to staring wakefulness.

The hinges on the closet door.


That thin sound, so high that perhaps only dogs and small boys awake in the night could have heard it.  His closet door
swung open slowly and steadily, a dead mouth opening on darkness inch by inch and foot by foot.

The monster was in that darkness.  It crouched where it had crouched before.  It grinned at him, and its huge shoulders
bulked above its cocked head, and its eyes glowed amber, alive with stupid cunning.  I told you they'd go away, Tad, it
whispered.  They always do, in the end.  And then I can come back.  I like to come back.  I like you, Tad.  I'll come back every
night now, I think, and every night I'll come a little closer to your bed... and a little closer... until one night, before you can
scream for them, you'll bear something growling, something growling right beside you, Tad, it'll be me, and I'll pounce, and
then I'll eat you and you'll be in me. 

Cujo - by Stephen King


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Ich weiß nicht wer ich bin und wer ich war.
Ein Fremder vor mir selbst und neu für mich.
Und alt, wenn ich in Spiegel sehe.

Ich will nicht einsam sein und sehne mich nach Einsamkeit,
sobald ich nicht alleine bin.

Ich will ja lernen, lernen!
Und ich hasse meinen Schlaf,
weil er die Zeit stiehlt.

Ich fliehe jeden Tag.
Und wenn die Nacht kommt und stehen bleibt,
die ganzen stundenlosen Stunden,
dann bin ich so sehr krank,
weil es nicht Tag ist.

Ich suche mich und wenn ich mich gefunden hab',
bin ich mein größter Feind.

- René "Kanwulf" Wagner
von Nargaroth - Jahreszeiten - Prolog
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